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terça-feira, 20 de agosto de 2013

ey guys, I and thai has just finish our code
Here is the link : Collection tool
Buy habitat
Buy eggs
Gold hack (5M)
--- ----------------------
Free eggs hack:
About New hack:
Hack gold submit using Proxy Server:
SP banned my host's IP . So you can hack anymore.. New method.
Use proxy to hack ... Enjoy !
Please vote it . Don't thank leechers
If you find sites which Iframe my page please tell me
I make username and password to prevent someone leech my topic
user pass updated 08/20/2013

Username : @super@
Pass : gold
Pass change everyday. check my topic

Get free viking habitat (notice : work 1 time please check storage)
IF you want to get thor dragon for free . you must complete quest 1 and you get 1 viking habitat again
New event can buy with gems ..
Use my link to duplicate your item (dragons/items)
Updated new code :
158 - Viking Island
159 - VIking habitat (Price : 30M gold)
1182 Thor Dragon 1000 gems
1183 Loki Dragon 1000 gems
1184 Odin Dragon 1000 gems
1196 Thief Dragon 1000 gems
1187 Photon Dragon 1000 gems
1197 Pet Deus Dragon 1000 gems
160 Breeding Nest 100 gems
new hack : GOLD to XP (Pay 2.5 M gold for 5m xp) - Requires : + Gold . if you have minus gold you cannot receive gold
i will release special tool.
New feature: infinite crystal legend .
New server for special tool
Dragon City
Dragon City
i show you how to get infinite. requires : level >= 39. If you can't reach that level i will release terra sea ..... crystal soon
step 1 :
Dragon City then choose Prepare mode . CLick submit .
Step 2 :
Dragon City choose mode Buy Crystal legend and buy amount of infinite crystal legend . maybe 50 or 100 or more :v
After you sure about amount of crystal legend you Go to step 3 . remember if you in step 3 you can back to step 1 and 2. SUre about the Amount of crystal legend you want
Step 3 :
Dragon City go to that link and choose position . It's between of island 1 2 3 ... 1 click 1 crystal legend .
Step 4:
If you done . open dragon city and see changes :v . remember : DONT MOVE ANY CRYSTAL LEGEND . IF YOU MOVE ALL WILL BE LOST

 GOLD HACK 7.5 M gold / submit
WOrk with minus gold
new domain new host
Password updated

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